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world class euipments and highest quality of aseptic protocol.

world class euipments and highest quality of aseptic protocol.

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“after taking many treatments and spending lot of money; i met Dr Rahul at HAIR AND FACE SURGEON, i took regrow therapy and bio FUE&T as a combination and got these amazing results, i am a arts teacher and was not very confident in facing people, HAIR AND FACE SURGEON gave me my confidence back, thank you Dr Rahul.”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“after taking many treatments and spending lot of money; i met Dr Rahul at HAIR AND FACE SURGEON, i took regrow therapy and bio FUE&T as a combination and got these amazing results, i am a arts teacher and was not very confident in facing people, HAIR AND FACE SURGEON gave me my confidence back, thank you Dr Rahul.” [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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If you have thin, dull or poor quality hair, it makes your hair thin and flat and are prone for hair fall. The main reason for this condition could be improper nutrition and reduced blood supply to the hair root.


Initial thinning is the right time to treat your hair fall before it is too late. As soon as you see signs of hair fall i.e. lots of hair on your pillow or on towel, it is a sign of hair fall and progression towards thinning and ultimately partial or complete baldness.

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Scalp visibility in normal light and in wet hair is concerning to most of the male and they try to hide it or camouflage it. This condition is very frustrating ang most of the male start to lose confidence in this stage of balding


Male pattern baldness or ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA has typical pattern of baldness where frontal hair line goes back with both the temples or side of the head becomes bald with or without back round bald patch called vertex


The treatment remains the same i.e. hair transplant. We in our centre follow the most advanced and sophisticated method of doing hair transplant. MEGA BIO FUE&T with or without REGROW therapy is the treatment option.


Not happy with your previous hair transplant; not got the natural hair line or density, don’t worry come to us, we can help you with correcting hair line and adding up the density.

Hair Transplant

Before understanding the hair transplant we should understand the meaning of word TRANSPLANT. TRANSPLANT means moving a organ or tissue from one body to another or within body. You must be aware of organ transplant e.g. kidney , liver, heart transplant. Organ transplant works on the principle of reconnection of blood supply and nutritional supply from new body or new location where the tissue or organ is transplanted or fixed.

Though it sounds very easy but it requires great skills and great tissue handling when it is outside body or original location and most important its skilful placement/fixing/implantation at recipient site.

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We know that our appearance impacts our personal, social and professional lives. We also know that how we feel influences how we look and vice versa — a phenomena called beauty self-esteem. Although we’d like to believe “what is inside counts most,” scientific evidence, as well as common sense, tells us that an appealing appearance, good health and hygiene positively impacts our lives.


Hair is a tough protein called KERATIN. Hair on all over body particularly head is a first line of defence against the dangerous UV rays, as well as debris. As it covers the head it protects the head from excessive heat by allowing circulation of air around the scalp and shutting out ambient heat. It also helps in maintain bodies temperature by not allowing the body heat to dissipate.

It can retain heavy chemicals like mercury and arsenic ten times more than blood and urine, so it can be used to detect their concentration in body.


Decrease in strength, flexibility, height, cognition and acuity are signs of aging. Hair loss, thinning and greying are natural consequences for most aging people, 70% men show significant hair loss till the age of 60 yrs. But with current lifestyle and stress in young people we are noticing the hair fall thinning starting as low as 20 yrs of age and advanced balding in as low as 25 yrs of age, which make them look much older than their age and loss of self-esteem, which ultimately affects their self-confidence. The thing about confidence though, is that it’s a matter of being comfortable within our own bodies. Whilst some people get along quite fine without a full head of hair others are so worried about hair loss that it invariably affects their confidence. If your confidence and self-esteem are suffering as a result of hair loss, there is no better way to make you feel better than by dealing with the root of the problem.


Hair frames the face, the feature considered most important in terms of first impressions. Faces generally are viewed as playing a greater role than bodies when it comes to attraction between people. Following a person’s smile, eyes and skin, their hair is often the next feature people notice on first encounters. It is among the top three features — along with height and weight — used when describing others and one of the feature most often recalled after a social interaction occurs.

Beauty or aesthetics is all about proportions; the more the matches to certain ideal proportions accepted in that particular society or ethnicity more handsome, attractive you look. Any deviation from this ideal proportion will make you look different, unattractive, unpleasing.

With hair loss and receding hair line the proportion of the face in vertical direction is lost as shown in picture, and you look unpleasant. The aim of all cosmetic surgeries are to get back these proportion, including hair restoration, medical or surgical. Picture with vertical 1/3 proportion and balding guy with loss of proportion


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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the suitable age to do hair transplant?

hair transplant can be done in any age after 25yrs. Of age. The results may vary according to the hair required and hair available at the back of the head(donor area). It also depends upon the medical condition and hair quality of donor area.

How long I need to take break from my work?

No need to take a break from your work, you can resume your normal activity immediately after the surgery with some precautions.

Is hospitalization required for the surgery?

NO, this surgery is done under local anesthesia in day care basis.

Can beard and eyebrow transplant be done?

Yes, beard and eyebrow transplant can be done.

How long it takes to finish the surgery?

It depends upon how much area needs to be covered but average is 6-8 hours.

Is this surgery painful?

NO, the anesthesia used works for long time and as the surgery is very minimally invasive it is absolutely painless surgery.

What are the precautions I have to take after hair transplant?

There are no major precautions.

1. The doctor will teach you to take care of transplanted hair and maintaining hygiene.

2. There will be medication for a week,

3.covering your head and avoiding injury to newly transplanted hair are the main precautions you have to take.

Is transplant the only option for baldness?

No, if you see a doctor in early stages of hair fall and thinning they can reverse your condition or maintain it by some medical treatments or some therapies e.g. REGROW therapy. Same therapy can be used in combination with hair transplant to reduce the area of transplant ans improve the overall results.

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