Follicular unit extraction is a technique of hair transplant where the hair follicles/grafts are extracted from occipital area or back side of the head/scalp stored outside of the scalp in controlled condition and transplanted to bald area.

Again though mechanically it is just extracting the hair follicle and implanting it bald scalp, same as organ transplant handling of tissue/ hair follicle is very important for the success of hair transplant.

Different factors affect this; as the instrument used for follicle extraction, technique and fluid in which the follicles are stored, the instrument used for implantation and last but not the least the skills of the operating surgeon. All these factors should cause lesser trauma to hair follicle and keep it nourished and healthy when outside body.

At our centre the only qualified facial cosmetic surgeon does all the procedures and the instrumentation is highest quality to cause lesser trauma and best results.

Now why BIO FUE, it is because the technique of hair follicle storage which is makes the procedure unique and increase in follicle nourishment outside body and there best health for implantation, and so successful transplant and great result.

Finally as we are medical practitioner and not businessmen or salesperson we cannot or should not give any guaranty or warranty of the procedure, we can do our best to get best results.