REGROW therapy is our specialized protocol for three purpose.

  • Thickening of existing miniaturised/ invisible hair
  • Regrowth of fallen hair whose roots are still alive ( papilla)
  • Stop hair fall
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Mini Regrow Therapy

MINI REGROW THERAPY is a treatment option for the maintenance and improvement in the quality of existing hair. Men with the family history of hair fall or baldness can be benefitted by this, by preventing the premature hair fall and baldness.

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Hair Transplant

Before understanding the hair transplant we should understand the meaning of word TRANSPLANT. TRANSPLANT means moving a organ or tissue from one body to another or within body. You must be aware of organ transplant e.g. kidney , liver, heart transplant. Organ transplant works on the principle of reconnection of blood supply and nutritional supply from new body or new location where the tissue or organ is transplanted or fixed.

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Follicular unit extraction is a technique of hair transplant where the hair follicles/grafts are extracted from occipital area or back side of the head/scalp stored outside of the scalp in controlled condition and transplanted to bald area.

Again though mechanically it is just extracting the hair follicle and implanting it bald scalp, same as organ transplant handling of tissue/ hair follicle is very important for the success of hair transplant.

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Mini bio-fue&t is suitable for the patients with very minimum hair loss, mainly in temple region.

The maximum density given in the area and merging the hair line with existing hair line, makes the area look as natural as real, both lookwise and densitywise.


MAX BIO-FUE is the treatment option for partial baldness candidates, we use maximum possible grafts and cover the area completely with strategic arrangements of hair grafts/ follicles.

The strategic arrangements and strategic designing of the hair line and temple recession is very important to give optimum results with suitable aesthetic with limited amount of hair available for transplantation.

The hair line design should be in such a way that it should not be very obvious that you have done HAIR TRANSPLANT


Mega BIO-FUE&T uses all the possible grafts from body e.g. scalp, beard and chest to cover big bald area, in a one step procedure or a stepped procedure. We are specialised in strategic distribution and hair line design for big bald areas. Big bald areas have lesser donor area so lesser grafts, Using these grafts strategically and covering maximum area with limited resources is required in these kind of patients.

Careful uses of the grafts is very important as we don’t have second chance. Hairline design is again very important, patients with severe baldness may not cover the complete bald scalp, so strategic implantation and hair line design which will give full hair look without actually covering the full area is required and that is our speciality. When scalp hair are not sufficient we can use beard and chest hair for increasing density or giving fullness.

DHI- Direct Hair Implantation

One of the most important factor for success and failure of the hair transplant is the time hair follicle/ graft remains outside the body; longer it remains outside the body, lesser its chances of survival and growing in recipient area. The survival and nutritional deficiency can be compensated by regulating the temperature and providing nutrition by using specific storage solution( as used in BIO_FUE&T).

BEST way to improve the survival is reducing the time graft remains outside the body before it is implanted. DHI- Direct Hair Implantation is the technique in which we immediately transplant the graft as soon it is extracted or removed from the donor area, thereby reducing the time the graft is outside the body drastically and improving the survival to almost 100%.
It requires bigger team and specialised skilled but yields the best and fast results. We have specialised team and skills to do DHI and getting best and predictable results.