REGROW therapy is our specialised protocol for three purpose

  • Thickening of existing miniaturised/ invisible hair
  • Regrowth of fallen hair whose roots are still alive ( papilla)
  • Stop hair fall.

The main component of protocol is best regenerative therapy used worldwide i.e. PRP therapy and most modern, regenerative stem cell protocol called NANO FAT THERAPY.

In addition to PRP THERAPY we have added our

added protocol for stimulation and regeneration mixed with

medical protocol which is unique to us.

It is useful for both males and females.


What Is Prp Therapy

  • To understand the PRP therapy we should understand the platelets first, Platelets are the cells of blood like red blood cells.
  • Main role of platelets is to help in initial clotting when any injury occurs, as soon as initial job is done they are called activated platelets and they release a variety of chemicals called chemotactic agents and growth factors.
  • These chemicals sends the signals and get all the raw materials to heal the area, most importantly raw material to form blood vessels, as it is the most important things to bring all other raw material as a carrier.
  • In regenerative medicine this is process of wound healing is mimicked and used for many healing and regenerative purposes e.g. regeneration of bone in cleft patients, regeneration of bone in implantology, repair of cartilages and repair sports injury, hastening healing in unhealing wounds.
  • In cosmetic medicine it is used for face rejuvenation and hair regrowth on same principle of wound healing by growth factors and formation of blood vessels.
  • In hair loss because of DHT we have seen the reason of thinning and hair fall is loss of blood supply as DHT chokes the blood supply, by injecting active platelets in the area around the hair roots we can again form the blood vessels by GROWTH FACTOR release.
    1. increase the blood supply to existing hair root and increase the root cells which forms the keratin so thickening of hair strands .
    2. putting thin or miniaturised hair back into normal hair cycle by same principle.
    3. stimulating the dormant hair root ( papilla) and causing new hair growth.
  • Combination of this three causes hair thickening, hair regrowth, and hair fall reduction, in turn increase in density.

Release of GROWTH FACTORS and its role in healing


How it is done


1. Collect Blood

30-60ml of blood is drawn from the patient’s arm

2. Separate the platelets

The blood is then placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins and sparates the platelets from the rest of the blood components.

3. Extract platelet-rich plasma

Extract 3-6ml of platelet-rich plasma.

4. Inject Injured area with PRP

Using the concentrated platelets, we increase the growth factors up to eight times, which promotes temporary relief and stops inflammation.