Hair Transplant

Before understanding the hair transplant we should understand the meaning of word TRANSPLANT. TRANSPLANT means moving a organ or tissue from one body to another or within body. You must be aware of organ transplant e.g. kidney , liver, heart transplant. Organ transplant works on the principle of reconnection of blood supply and nutritional supply from new body or new location where the tissue or organ is transplanted or fixed.

Though it sounds very easy but it requires great skills and great tissue handling when it is outside body or original location and most important its skilful placement/fixing/implantation at recipient site.

Even after such a great care the survival of organ or tissue/ transplant depends upon the reconnection of blood supply and nutritional supply to recipient site.


Same principle applies to HAIR TRANSPLANT, by applying same principle of organ transplant we can take hair from one part of head/scalp and implant/transplant to another part where there are no hair.

Likewise organ transplant the success of hair transplant depends on handling of tissue/hair follicle , while taking out of body, outside body, while placing it back at bald scalp.

So though mechanically, technically anyone can perform it (as most of the hair transplant is happening right now), successful hair transplant only is possible and repetitive when surgeon is doing it with understanding of physiology, wound healing, nutritional requirements of hair, and post operative care directing towards reconnection of blood supply and nutritional supply of hair follicles at recipient site. And most important infection control, which most of the non medicos don’t understand.